Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Back To The Old West
Episode II

Rosie and Gary think it's a splendid idea to jump in the Away Back Machine and travel away back in time to the wild, wild west on Earth, circa 1879.

However, they first need to climb into the shape-shifter device, and change their appearances, so as not to frighten the earthlings when they arrive. 

Rosie steps into the beautiful blue ball looking device, and in just a few nano seconds is transformed into a purdy gal from the old west...

                 Rosie before transformation.                                                                                                                                                               Aftertransform-

Next, Gary goes through the fascinating shape-shifting process, and here are the results...

Gary - "Rosie! You make a beauteous cowgirl, like Annie Oakley! How do I look!"

Rosie - "Do you want me to be honest, pard?"

Gary -"Sure, Miss Purdy!"

Rosie - "You look like Gabby Hayes!"

Gary - (Looks in a mirror) "Yikes!!! I DO look like Gabby Hayes!!! Oh, well, at least the earthlings will not know we're really Glirkazoids."

Rosie - "Let's go over our check list, Gary, and make sure we have all the items we need to survive in the old west."

Gary - "Surely!"

Rosie - "Don't call me Shirley!"

Rosie begins pulling items off the shelf, while Gary checks them off. 

Rosie - "Six shooters!"

Gary - "Check!"

Rosie - "Seven shooters!"

Gary - "NO check! There are no such things as seven shooters!"

Rosie - "Just seeing if you're paying attention, Skeezix."

Gary - "Check!" 

Rosie - "Boots and spurs!"

Gary - "Check!"

Rosie - "Two pieces of hoss flesh!"

Gary - "Two WHAT?!!"

Rosie - "That means two horses, wrangler! Remember how in cowboy movies, a cowboy will say to another cowboy, "You have a fine piece of hossflesh," referring to his horse?" 

Gary - "Oh, yeah, now I remember! I don't get it, but I remember! Unfortunately, we have no horses in stock, Miss Kitty."

Rosie - "No probleemo, we can bring some gold nuggets and buy a couple of pieces of hoss flesh when we get there."

Gary - "Ah ha!! I caught you, Rosie! You must have pocketed some of dem golden eggs, from the Golden Chicken Of Kluck , that we were SUPPOSED to hand over to the Museum Of Chicken Artifacts, you little bandit!"

Rosie - "No, Gary, you..."

Gary - "How else would you have gold nuggets, if not for your sticky fingers grabbing some of dem golden eggs, hmmm?"

Rosie - "Gary, Gary, don't make a fool out of yourself! Don't you remember..."

Gary - "Here, you lecture ME about not absconding with the Golden Chicken and her golden eggs, and I catch you red handed with gold nuggets, you little Bonnie Parker!"

Bonnie and Clyde


Gary - "Oh, that's right. My bad. Sorry!"

Rosie - "I accept your apology, Gary."

Gary - "By the way, where DID you get those gold nuggets?"

Rosie - "Good grief!!"

Join us next week, when Rosie and Gary FINALLY jump into the Away Back Device and begin their old west adventures...we OUT OF THIS WORLD WEDNESDAY!!!!